R.I.P Billy

R.I.P Billy, for thou shallt be reborn and never forgotten.

I had an old Billy shelf which was starting to collapse and had the wrong color (moved from one room to another…). It was time to swap for a brand new one (yeah, trip to ikea!!!). The old one got repurposed in my cellar to store my tools.

For those interested:

  • I used 5 horizontal layers of the Billy, 3 vertical to make the back, 2 horizontal, held by EKBY STÖDIS
  • The top of the shelf is reinforced with a vertical part of GORM that was lying around that I cut to size and screw
  • A set of nails was used to hold the tools
  • The shelf itself is hanging using hose clamps (holes are 8mm, inside both the vertical billy and the grolm)




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