Misc week 15-30

Not much happened for me on-line last week, cause I spent an awful amount of time travelling:

  • ZRH -> ZRH airport: tram + train
  • ZRH – airport -> Milan airport: flying Swiss
  • Milan airport -> Shanghai airport: flying Air China, need to get my luggage and checking in again forced me to spend 6 hours in the public zone tof the airport :-/
  • Shanghai airport -> Sydney airport: flying Air China
  • Sydney airport -> Sydney office/hotel: Über black

5 days in Australia and time to head back

  • Sydney office -> Sydney airport: ÜberX
  • Sydney airport -> Beijing airport: Air China
  • Beijing airport -> Milan airport: Air China
  • Milan airport -> Milan train station: Taxi
  • Milan train station -> Dijon train station: night train
  • Dijon train station -> Dole: local train
  • Dole -> Arbois: car (non driver)
  • Arbois -> Zürich: car (driver)

My comments on this small adventures are multiple:

  • I had to get my luggage and check in again in Shanghai, meaning spending 8 hours on a bank in the check in zone (cause I could not check in too early) and passing customs twice. Gross.
  • Air china is really great: cheap enough to fly business, great blankets and pillows, great chinese food. Not so great western food and flight entertainment is mostly Chinese
  • I’ve used most transportation means except buses 🙂
  • Milan train station is far from Milan airport : 1h taxi ride, worth 120EUR, ouch
  • Über in Australia is strange, couldn’t pick an UberX to go from the airport and ended up with quite a big fee. I might have been too jetlagged to read the app correctly though.
  • Night train from Milan to Paris is awful: I couldn’t fit into the bed, was supposed to have booked 1st class, ended up into a 6 beds container, no sheets, quite dirty, very noisy despite noise cancelling headphones and customs officers barging at 2:00am
  • I bless the battery life of my mac book air who left me with something to watch for most of the trips
  • Showers in Beijing were broken in business lounge, but I could use the one from first class
  • It’s an awful trip for 5 days on site
  • Everything went smooth, as planned
  • I had to come back to France for my dad’s birthdays, meaning I spent most of my week-end working. No jet lag! (or it didn’t kick yet)
  • “winter” in Australia is overrated : it felt like late spring at home, very nice compared to the local heat
  • I had forgotten to apply for a visa: good thing ESTA could be done the previous week


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