New interesting game

I use steam almost exclusively nowadays for my game purchases. There are many reasons behind that: I can buy whenever I like (undertand, late while wearing only underwear), they make nic offers from time to time (winter/summer sales), you can share the game amongst multiple computers/platforms.

One oif the feature I like is the wishlist : it’s basically a list of game which seems great but that you don’t need NOW. I put on this list “The Talos principle” a while ago. Actually, long enough ago that I forgot about it.

Yesterday, the marvellous god of marketing from steam let me know that game was currently on sale : this is even better than taregtted advertisement, I did let them know I was a potential sheep hoping for slaughter, Following the impulsion that any cattle would have, I rushed and bought the game for a bargain 14EUR, installed it  (6GB,m first useful information) and promised myself to try soon-ish.

Soon happened to be tonight, I’ver played only for 67 minutes (ahem) and I really love the game. It’s a mix of slow action arcade and thinking game, in a really beautiful environment. I guess last time the graphical marvels of a game let me forgot to slaughter a herd of {nazis, aliens, goats, russian, american, android, opponents} was when I installed farcry. This one hit the same chord. And there was not even foes I had to remember to kill (s ofar at least). Giving a feeling of holidays on a greek island is priceless and I actually enjoy a peaceful game that I can play with the kids around without worrying about them snapping a picture in their brain of a disembowled ghoul.

So far, the game is fast paced, the enigms pretty easy. The pitch, you’re in the far future, God is talking to you, there are traps and not enough jamming device for the traps. Find items which allows you later to unlock doors. It has a feeling of portal, maybe with less action and click at the perfect moment and more brain (but o zombie to eat them).

Pretty easy, but damn addictive. It has the same feeling as civilization does : I’ll play another quick turn / find an additional sigil then go to bed. Oops, was quick, I might afford another one. Oops, 3:00am

I managed to plug out (shamelessly noting that it’s to play something else which is hot right now). But I’ll be back.

If it’s still on sale, don’t hesitate, buy it. If it’s not, buy it however for it’s definitely worth the money (and it’s an indie game!)


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