Bruce reads (it’s funnier in French)

I’m just back from vacation and beach is super boring, so I’ve had plenty of time for reading and I haven’t posted in a long time.

  • Redeemed: last book of the “House of Night” serie, as usual, lots of stuff is happening when a serie is finishing. Compared to some other, that one is fairly easy to read but mostly enjoyable, with some surprise. Definitely recommended for teenagers and non-native speaker wanting to read some random bit-litt.
  • Lenobia’s vow: this is a book explaining the story behind one of the teacher from the house of night series, by the same authors. The book brings absolutely no value if you already read the house of night series as everything is already known and just repeated.
  • You’re never weird on the internet (almost): autobiography of Felicia Day, who is a web addict / video game player / video producer / internet business woman. I didn’t know the lady, I found the story really interesting, with lots of things echoing into my personal experience. I recommend this reading for any geek, this is really interesting for remembering some old good time and seeing the point of view of a woman on this old age. Not necessarily as glorious as we’d like it to be. To be clear, I didn’t know the author before reading the book and I know want to see what she produced.
  • Des femmes dans la mafia: written in French, the role and situation of women in the various italian mafias. Interesting because it’s happening now (some stories are less than 5 years old), because it’s super close and it explains a lot about what the mafia really is. Not an easy read, but I loved it.
  • Fire touched: last episode of the adventures from Mercy Thompson. Nothing really interesting, quite boring IMHO but good if you’re reading the serie.
  • Written in Red: First book of “the Others”, it’s happening in the equivalent of the US, in an alternate universe where shapeshifters would own the land and lease it to the humans. Easy and thrilling read, more mature IMHO than average teenage bit-litt. Quite a few interesting analysis on how society works are intereleaved in the story,.
  • Murder of Crows: second book of the others, still very good :-).

This brings me to 23 books read this year, which makes me complete my 2016 goodreads challenge. Not really ambitious this year, I think I’ll plan for ~30 next year. As it’s a good time to look back: I read mostly in english (2 books in French, out of which one is a gift), I read mostly bitt-lit / Heroic Fantasy / Science Fiction. I think my english level is now good enough for me to start tackling more complex books. I must say that I pretty much know everything about vampires and shapeshifters. These last vacations where the opportunity to dig into different topics and I really liked it.

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