keyboard vs skill

I’ve been using a computer keyboard for the best of the previous 30 years. However, I never properly learnt to type and I’m still hammering my keyboard with mosrly  2 to 4 fingers. Of course, I have a bad wordage per minute and my error rate is touching the skies.I have tried various kind of keyboards but before evidences, I had to conclude that the hardware was not to be blamed but the owner was.

Hence, I’ve decided to learn to properly type with 10 fingers. This post is the first typed that way and I hope that the next ones will be less painful as I’m struggling every few letters.

To learn, I’ve decided to follow an online method: Did not take me long to choose as it’s the first link google gives and it’s free. The swiss keyboard layout is very close from the US one and it should be quite a meaningfull progression.

As test, I did the exercise of going through the final examination, using a 3 mintues typing test : my refernece typing speed to overcome is 41WPM with 86% average accuracy over 3 minutes. I even got a certificate. (Using 10 fingers, I’m currently at 22WPM and 91% accuracy… Long way to go.)

Stopping there as my brain, eyes and fingers are hurting…..

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