Reading challenge

I took the goodreads challenge this year and aimed at 26 books. I aimed higher last year and failed and wanted to have a reachable goal.

It’s currently begin of september and I got the notification that I had completed it:

While reading 26 books in itself is not much of a challenge, it allows me to draw some conclusions:

  • Only one book is in my mother tongue (French), I’ve definitely switched to reading mostly in English
  • Most of what I read are big series, I like sticking to an author or to a set of characters.
  • I read a lot of crap, mostly teenager heroic fantasy and I’m mostly not ashamed
  • There is no learning book: I should weave some “skills learning” books into my rotation
  • Looks like I’ll be in the 35 range for the year if it continues like that
  • Display of the challenge overview is not sorted (or at least not by author, reading timeline or title) and pisses me off

2 thoughts on “Reading challenge

  1. Huh. I’d have thought that I’d read more than that this year. But no, according to GoodReads I’m at 28. I did re-read a few though, which are not on that list because GoodReads has a fairly bad management of “I re-read that”, and from that count it’s actually 33. Okay, I can live with that 😛


    1. bruce

      I wanted to do more last year, so I aimed consciously lower. and I read lots of small / crap books (200p of eay english) vs stuff like “game of thrones” or Neal Stephenson – much longer and much more complex english, hence lower bpw (book per week).
      Now I’m wondering if the correct metric would be to have a sort of weighted pages/day 😀


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