Celtic knots

IMG_20151020_154707 IMG_20151020_154714

Technical wednesday, I’m back. One of my (new) hobby to kill a few minutes is to draw celtic knot. I’ve already been into this ~10 years ago and it feels good to do it again. For those who don’t know, a celtic knot is a twisted loop.

The fun part:

  • there is some serious theory around knots : Wikipedia article
  • a French guy wrote some nice tutorials (english and french available): http://www.entrelacs.net/
  • there is some potential to hack some software. Knotter (http://knotter.mattbas.org/Knotter). As a side note, the source is not hosted on sourceforge any more but on github. Software compiles and runs out of the box, I’ve not really tried it yet and focused on hand drawing.

The long(er) term idea:

  • I plan on having some laser-cut tealight with holes/engraving based on celtic knot. Not sure it will ever happen though.
  • Eventually, I’d like to try to ink-draw them in a calligraphy way. Not sure if this part will ever happen either.

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