Screen/laptop holder


Until recently, main screen was resting on thick book to be slightly higher and end up in front of my eyes. As part of a revamp of my setup, I decided it was time for an upgrade.

I had some specific needs:

  • my screen needed to be roughly 10cm higher than desk
  • I have a 5.1 sound system and a gaming keyboard, I wanted to be able to hide cable aas much as possible.
  • I sometime use my desk for home office and wanted to have a convenient place to plug my corp laptop (mac book air), which includes power supply, USB to a hub and screen connector (for some reason, I have a KVM that doesn’t want to work with my setup, the probable culprit being my keyboard and its >500mA requirement…)

Having the requirements, I headed to inkscape and here is the result, while assembling:


and once installed:


As usual, the design files can be found on bitbucket (I was lazy to put it on thingiverse as it requires lots of material). Design document with all my gory details and cutting document. The numbers identify how many time each piece must be cut, F means Front and B means Back (to help with assembly). As usual, licence is CC-by-SA.

I had to slightly file the edges wto help with assembly, glue everything together and that’s all, no major trap. It needs to be cut out of 3mm thick material (I used plywood but acrylic could work). The laptop holder is 2cm thick, which is ok for a mac book air or a mac book pro.

The things to potentially improve:

  • the vertical layers are a bit weak and bend, adding additional constraints or thicker wood my help
  • holes at the bottom to help routing cables would definitely help (on the horizontal tray)

So far, pretty happy with the result, ready to use it!

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