Cool stuff Friday

A good friend of mine has this concept of “cool stuff day“, which is a summary of stuff she read and liked and want to share. It can be in any direction, from tech paper to reddit posts. I read and watch lots of things online and I decided to steal the concept. Welcome to the first one.

  • is a shop in Switzerland that sells lots of stuff for cosplayer, from EVA foam to fake hair, make up… I haven’t order, but this will be my target when / if I ever find time to start cosplaying like a proper adult. Bonus, they do have a shop in Bern.
  • Did I say I developed an interest into cosplay? Kamuicosplay has a wonderful youtube channel and a great instagram (kamuicosplay@). She does amazing stuff, has great tutorial and has great dynamic. Highly recommended and very inspiring. She also wrote bunch of books that seem really great, haven’t bought them though.
  • Back in the 70s, a duo of left-wing singers (Font et Val) had a great success. They split, changed a lot (think I should do a whole article on this, likely in French), but yesterday, I discovered that Patrick Font died in silence last year. I guess another chunk of my youth is gone.
  • Found a new young singer that looks like a teen and sings awful stuff in French, highly recommending Leila Huissoud. Somehow reminds me of GiedRé.
  • There will soon be a game show with cosplay in my town. Thinking of attending, not as a cosplayer myself yet.
  • It’s the 50th anniversary of Apollo XI. To my surprise, I see lots of stuff about it but can’t really make myself to care. It’s weird because it should trigger me, but no. On a side note, it kind of does: check this amazing camera celebrating the 50 years on the moon.

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