I’m still alive

Due to popular demand (in my head; let’s be honest: no one cares), I’ve decided to revive this website and start posting semi-regularly.

Why? Many reasons:

  • Twitter has been taken over by an egocentric maniac. It was one of my haven, and it’s not any more. So I put my account in sleep mode, so that I’m not counted as an active user.
  • Google+ got turned down a long time ago, but I’m still sour about it.
  • There are many other communities, but no guarantees that they’ll survive. This place is mine, I pay for it and I can say whatever I like, and, if it fails, I’m kinda responsible, not impacted by some random dude deciding to kill my playground.

Overall, the recent weeks/months/years (my last post is super old) have been packed full of stuff. I will not go back in history, but instead focus on the future.

What to expect in this reborn version?

  • maybe some clean up of old crap that I wrote a long time ago,
  • definitely some posts involving motorbike, crafting, gaming or any other of my hobbies,
  • maybe some political / corporate world rants. Not sure about that last bucket.

I’ll try to tag posts accordingly to avoid triggering people, but beware, for I AM BACK.

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