Cool Stuff Friday

Another Friday, another list of cool stuff that I’ve read this week (I know it’s tuesday, let’s pretend the week was long):

  • Aputure released new lights. I have cheap chinese lights, I’ve been thinking for a long time about upgrading, I’m really struggling top not click “buy now”
  • Sarah Maddox, who happens to be a colleague and that I’ve been following for years, from days she’s been at Atlassian, wrote a really cool article on how to run an open source doc sprint.
  • I stumbled upon Hassbian, which is somehow home automation in a raspberry Pi. I’m not exactly sure what it’s doing, but I need into more details, that looks really cool.
  • This guy complained that business class is hard. After the first reaction (“Can you please die in a dark corner?”), some of it kinda rings true. It’s interesting to see the counterarguments. I personally love travelling in business, but I remember a few awkward moments, especially on the first flights.
  • A very good retrospective of what happened at Notre Dame de Paris. Still makes me sad to this day, even more when seeing how wrong it’s been.
  • A few nice tweets this week, like that one or that one.

Have fun wasting some time!


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