Youtube and me

I’m from a generation who was taught that the ultimate source of knowledge are the books. I managed to evolve on my own and found that internet is a wonderful place where lots of people share lots of interesting stuff. I was pretty happy with that situation : look for a blog post or an instructable, a random tutorial, more or less crappy, follow and tune, troll. I had the manual on how to do it, from newsgroup to phpbb forum. Eh, I even got my own personal blog!

The new generation seems however to have moved out of written knowledge and shit into using video as a solution to any problem. I personnally don’t like too much, I find much easier to skip and follow written instruction than a video whose focus is not always on the interesting part. Anyway, if the moves has moved that way and the cool kids are doing that, I guess I don’t have too many choices : follow and try to be a cool kid (ahem) or start becoming obsolete. I feel too young to be obsolete, so I looked at what is the effort required to create a decent youtube tutorial.

Bear with me: I didn’t want to do a crappy video with my smartphone of me doing something stupid (see : tthat how you plug an sdcard into a raspberry pi while focussing on the cable behind. I wanted to do something nice, not prolfessional but somehow useful.

Conclusion, it’s tough! My personal computer environement is composed of mac (corporate laptop), linux (poor laptop) and windows (gaming rig). It seems obvious that I want cross-platform tools, I got kids and less freetime than the average student, not talking about the random teenager which seems to be the most adept at posting content.

Ok, I tried tonight, spent roughly 3 hours on a simple inkscape tutorial

  • I used Open Broadcaster Software for screencasting and mixing video and sound
  • I used lightworks (free as in free beer, not free speech) for assembling clips together

Lessons learnt:

  • if you want to explain something, better know exactly what you are doing. Especially, first try was a one shot with lots of trials and errors. So shot sequences and mix them later.
  • mounting sequences is hard: it took half the time to just link them together and it seems I managed to export a 30 minutes video while having 10 minutes of content
  • software limitations are bitches: I shoot in 1080p, could only export to 720p, which is a major issue when shooting a screencast.
  • my microphone was saturating, so I reduced gain. And then you can’t hear me (used my heaphones as microphone)
  • had to shoot twice cause I used a bad codec the first time, this pissed me of (we’re in 2015, isn’t the codec mayhem supposed to be fixed?)

Next time:

  • redo the same video, I’m becoming exceedingly efficient at drawing dodecahedrons schematics
  • write a script that you can follow
  • keep empty space before and after each recording, it’s easy to trim
  • read more tutorial on mounting tool, maybe switch to cinelerra?
  • prepare an intro, add titles and copyrights
  • merge some sound as background and control current sound level
  • avoid any kind of copyright infringement

If you want to laugh, here is the result:

4 thoughts on “Youtube and me

  1. tripa

    Inkscape? I’m from a generation where we drew our dodecahedrons with a straight edge and compass!

    (Then again, I’m at an age where I can’t for the life of me remember how it was done.)


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  3. Pingback: Youtube and me, second round – Bruce's hideout

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