Youtube and me, second round

My first try with youtube was such a tremendous success  (ahem) that I had to try again. The main problem of previous video was a really crappy sound. I did lots of tests since and discovered that my headset is producing decent sound quality with audacity. However, if I try to record directly from lightworks or OBS, the sound becomes awfully crappy. I don’t have an explanation yet.

Today’s topic is a response to tripa’s challenge to do a dodecaedron with a straigth edge and a compass. I found it quite interesting as it allowed me to explore other alternatives.

Let’s go to the gory details:

  • Shooting is done using my reflex (Canon EOS 550D) and a 28-55 optic (if I remember correctly).shoot_reflex The setup involved holding the reflex vertically and connecting it to my computer via USB. The challenges were mostly that the optic I used is a zoom and tended to fall and change focal and that the vibrations tended to shake slightly the video. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the video quality
  • Shooting was done with my crazy parrot trying to help. Not sure if she was successful to help but she had a great time.
  • I used lightworks, again, and I’m still not convinced. I was unable to zoom / trim my still pictures in the video editor (hence these nice black band) and export is limited to 720p, which is a pity knowing the initial material is 1080p… Some UI issue killed me as well, I have a feeling  that I’m not in control and it makes me slightly uncomfortable. Especially, I liked the concept of using subclips and reusing them, but I was hoping for references rather than copies : if I make a “introduction” edit and use it in my main edit, it seems like editing the intro one has no effect on the main one….
  • Getting decent light is not trivial either, probably need to work on that one, I played easy as it was dailight and I had natural diffuse light (thanks to the snow falling from the sky)
  • I used some background music that I took from I checked 10 times and it seems to be really fine with what I’m doing, I’m no musician but I found having a soft background sound helped. I definitely should do better with regards to music editing, I feel really crappy (no soft transition, lack of music at some point). I hope it does not cover my voice.
  • I recorded the voice using audacity, then exporting sub-sample and mixing them. Not using face video means not having to care about AV synchro 🙂
  • I inserted a title and some rolling credentials, was surprisingly easy !

My conclusion, it’s not trivial to do but it’s doable if you’re fine with a sub-par result. If you aim at higher quality, then the effort grows exponentially (and so does the headache)



2 thoughts on “Youtube and me, second round

  1. tripa

    It wasn’t a challenge. That was your twisted mind making things up. Here’s some totally sincere feedback.

    Je continue hors la langue de Shakespeare pour préserver ta réputation a-geek (a- comme dans agueusie).

    L’image: bonne qualité. o/
    L’épaisseur du trait: pas du tout assez /o
    Je peux pas décemment passer en plein écran parce que débit, mais dans la version incrustée on distingue rien.

    Le piaf: j’adore, et le public aussi!

    Le logiciel: c’est, like, ton own problème, dude.

    Éclairage: RÀS.

    Musique: effectivement, comme tu meubles pas, c’est bien qu’elle soit là. Ou alors c’est elle qui te couvre; je pensais pourtant avoir été attentif.

    La voix: c’est mieux. C’est pas encore ça, t’as comme une énorme résonnance vers le bas des fondamentales, c’est très bizarre, on a l’impression de t’entendre de l’intérieur (figure-toi que ça craint encore plus pour nous que pour toi). C’est quoi ton dispositif prise de son?

    Les titres: je dirais bien que je m’en fous, mais je ne les ai pas remarqués en fait. Ils ont dû tomber à un moment où je redimensionnais une fenêtre, ou quand je me lâchais dans les commentaires d’un blog.

    Les dodécaèdres: je sais toujours plus comment faire. Heureusement, Youtube m’a proposé plein de videos helpful en suggestions suite à la tienne.

    La popularité auprès des djeunz: t’es mal barré, je pense qu’ils savent même pas ce que c’est qu’un compas.

    Challenge validated.


    1. bruce

      Une fois que tu as 3 pentagones, honnêtement, c’est pas très dur de faire ceux qui manquent , en se rapportant à la video précédente.
      La prise de son se fait sur un casque de gamer (micro devant la bouche), via audacity, 0 filtrage. Le seul truc que j’ai fait, c’est mono -> stereo avec un pan centré


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