Some random thoughts

I realized I’ve been pretty idle and did not post over the last month. September is gone, and that blog stayed empty. I did not really do anything technical last month (I mostly blame work and laziness), but I have a few random and unorganized thoughts I wanted to post.

  • I have finally seen the move “Rush (2013)” and I only regret not seeing it earlier. I was not born at this epic age of formula one racing, I knew about Lauda (ofc) but nothing about Hunt.The movie is great, it really shows what I imagined the 70s to be about racing: different philosophies battling on the grid, the begin of professionalism, the death at each corner. I can only recommend the movie, even if you’re not a petrol head.
  • Speaking about Petrol Heads, a friend of mine drove me last week in California in a Tesla X. This car is impressive. Performance wise, it would made cry my sportly german 6-inline, at least on straight line. Actually, the car itself is a mix between a tank and a sports car. It seems to be a californian hipster version of the muscle car, weighting tons but compensating by sheer goodwill horsepowers. Calling that an eco friendly car is definitely an overstatement. Outside of the pure performance part, the car itself is quite disruptive on the technoologies it uses: ~20 inches embedded touch screen controlling everything, 7 seaters, falcon wings, everything electrified. I can’t help but be scared about the future of this car. It’s definitely a cobblestone in the world of car making, with the equilibrium slowly shifting and newcomers finally challenging the establishment. However, my cell phone lasts in average 2 years, my computer up to 5. I’m pretty sure the supply line is not made in a way that this car will be maintainable in the long term. Which means that this car is likely going to be a myth, but a myth that will die in less than 10 years.and won’t ever make it to collection. You can still drive a 1923 Bugatti or a 300SL gullwing (at least if you have a few spare dollars), I fear modern cars won’t have that fate and will end up discarded (which is an interesting problem for an eco-friendly care)
  • I’ve read slingshot, by a former colleague of mine. The book is awesome, don’t hesitate, buy it read it, share it if you like SF. Second book got published in August and is my (big) pile of stuff to read, but failry high priority.
  • I’ve finished (and went above) my goodreads challenge and retrospectively, I’m not proud: I’ve read chick litt, bit lit but really only a few books of higher value. I’ll try to focus more on content and less on quantity next year.
  • I’ve seen the latest x-men, it’s good to see such a talented young actress playing someone else than Sansa and moving to the big screen. The movie is quite good as well. I would not say the same about Batman v. Superman: I happily slept in front of it and found it awfully boring. I didn’t know about Deadpool, foun dit was a nice way of spending an evening (or a quarter of a transatlantic flight)
  • I’ve flown again with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) : that company has cheap business flights with good quality, but comfort in eco is awful. So Good for business, Ok for Eco+, avoid for Eco in the future.
  • This blog is now served over https or http, still tuning the details, so edges might be rough. I’ve also put some monitoring in place with and tuned the apache configuration, so things should be slightly more stable and have elss downtime than previously.
  • Mandatory picture : my last business trip had a nicer weather than the grey sky of  september in Switzerland
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