End of march check – goals 2017


I had some goals / hopes for 2017, It’s currently end of 1st quarter and a good time to look back on how I’m faring.

  • Posting technical stuff on blog : mostly on track. Nothing in March (I’ve been travelling) but lots in January and February
  • Posting non-technical stuff: a few posts, not that many. Half-success
  • Doing technical stuff: some cool projects (lamp) done, with logbook. Some other have been made but badly documented (toy sword) and not published. Overall, I got the feeling I didn’t really change my methodology  or focused on smaller project, so not really a success so far.
  • Reading books: I’v read way more than I was expecting (Goodreads challenge). 12 books and clearly a stretch on some of them (trainingg cats, 2 autobiographies). I still need to interleave some more serious reading in the middle of this HF/SF I’m constantly reading. some progress, could do better.
  • Wellbeing: complete failure. I didn’t lose weight, I took weight (each trip to the US is a nightmare, I might blame the 24oz steaks – yes, that’s 750g). Didn’t train and spent my whole winter commuting by mass transportation, only minor activities (mostly skiing with the kids)

Overall, I got the feeling I could do better.

There are some stuff I did I’m happy about however:

  • I’m upgrading my video setup at home, learning and training to be sure I can make decent videos, especially for tutorials. I discovered I actually love sharing stuff I know how to do and I’m emphasizing this topic.
  • I id some real woodworking, despite my limited amount of HW/space. I’m actually quite proud I helped the kids with repairing, making toys.
  • I’ve restarted playing WoW, after a 6 years break. The feeling is weird, like rediscovering a place you lived when you were young. The game I changed very much, I’m playing casually in this reroll (and with people I know IRL). Anyway, this is really great.

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