Slick new design

My webpage got (once again) migrated. It is now hosted on, with supposedly the old content transfered.

It’s still a bit new and fresh, so I’m expecting some problems (feel free to report as comments to this post.), but so far, I’m pretty happy with the situation.

I’m using the personal plan (4EUR/month), with my old domain, I’m expecting to have much less maintenance than before and ideally better reliability, as someone will get paged if it’s down (and that someone is not me).

To my surprise, transition has been pretty smooth: export, import, tune design, change dns and profit.

EDIT: for some reason, pictures were imported but not displayed. I had to update each post to actually update pictures, and not all of them were imported to the new hosted site. That was painful, but it should be mostly done (the images that didn’t import, I didn’t try to getr them back, so some old posts are now lighter)

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