A nice plane story

Yesterday (2018-12-02), I was on business trip to NYC, with Swiss (LX19). Due to late booking, I was in coach but managed to spend a whooping 50k Miles to get an upgrade into business (well worth it).

I tend to prefer travelling light. This time, travelling light meant I was already carrying my phone, my corp laptop, my e-reader and a tablet for some movies. As I wanted to spend some time doing photo walk, I decided to add my DSLR (only with a single lens though). Anyway, my bag was already fairly full, but I decided last minute to add some paper and a calligraphy pen, decided for the orange one, 2.4mm, which is a good compromise for writing on A5 paper.

Anyway, the plane is taking off and I start musing with my pen on paper, basically doing some letters for warm-up and training. There comes the flight attendant, spots what I am doing and tells me she has the same pens at home.

Fast forward a few hours and a really nice dinner (the Swiss white wine was really good) and I decide to write a thank you note, in Blackletters and a quick word, in Italic.


And I fell asleep, which is the best you can do on a plane.

Two hours from landing, one of the steward comes and I give it to him, telling him to share with the staff. After a few warm words, in French, guy goes back to his job and I fall back into routine (read: sleeping in front of a movie)

One hour from landing, the guy is back to talk with me and he brings an unexpected present bag, from the staff: I now own a nice first class pajama, out of cotton, and a box of Läderach chocolates.


I never went out of a plane with such warm greetings.


  • this was a really nice way for me to spend time.
  • it was an impulsive act, without second thought, that made everyone happier.
  • Swiss staff rocks.

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